Tuesday, January 3, 2017

..:Just One New Year's Resolution:..

2017: I will find and be myself again.

I love being a mommy! Don't misunderstand that. I am a mommy of two beautiful kids. I give them so much of myself. 2016 was so much about them and it was difficult to do anything for myself. I had this little helpless human being who depended 100% on me.
2017 will be the year I find and be myself again. I am not talking about the "soul searching" type of finding myself. I know who I am! I am talking about doing ME things again. Doing things that make me ME.

LIKE For example: 
-SLEEP! I really need sleep! My body is screaming for it! I can't wait to sleep a full 6-8 hours uninterrupted. Maybe I'll get some "beauty" back??!
-Grow my nails. I always cut them because I didn't want to scratch my baby.
-Wear my engagement ring. I didn't because I didn't want to scratch my baby.
-Paint my nails. I didn't paint them because I needed clean short nails to break a BF latch if it was a bad latch or just latched on at night
-Oh, yeah lotion my hands. They are so rough from all the hand-washing and lack of lotion. It needed to lotion-free for the reason above.
-Tweeze my eyebrows. 
-Put on makeup, so I look "put together" because believe it or not, my appearance is judged. "Oh, she looks tired. She must be exhausted from her kids!"
-Wear normal clothes again without having to worry about milk or puke stains. I have so many cute outfits waiting for me.
-My hair to grow back! Heck! Do my hair!
-Time to go to the gym. Maybe lose these last 10 lbs?!
-Time to shower or eat without thinking my baby is probably crying for me. Shower and enjoy it instead of just doing it because it's a necessity... Actually chew my food, taste it and enjoy it.
-Eat spicy food again. Or steak or sushi. Or drink tea or caffeine..  Oh and yes, drink a glass of wine without guilt that I am passing it onto my baby through my milk!

All the above would make me happier!
So 2017, I am excited!