Monday, August 8, 2016

..:Julian's Arrival:..

Julian was born on Monday, June 27th at about 3:58 PM. We checked in at about 11: 20 AM and ended up waiting for hours. Our appointment was 1:30 PM, but we got pushed back due to an emergency c-section that came in. But I knew very soon that I would be holding my baby boy very soon once we were in the OR. It was worth the wait for me. :)

Julian was born via a scheduled c-section. It was actually calm (just like many of the blogs I read) compared to Emma's emergency c-section. There was no rush, there were no tears of fear (only tears of happiness when I met my baby boy for the first time!), and most importanly of all my body was not exhausted already from 15 hours of labor (which made a huge difference in my recovery). I checked into surgery and waited in the prep room until I was brought into the OR #1 at about 3:45 PM. The most painful part was getting the spinal anesthesia. Once that was over, everything went really fast from there. I had the nicest anesthesiologist nurse. He talked to me the whole time and reassured me everything was going well. He walked me through the surgery and made time pass pleaseantly.

Since I was familar and had watched a video of a c-section online before, I knew what was going on. My OB worked quickly and soon after I heard my baby boy crying. I was so happy and relief to hear the cry. There was no possible infection nor was my baby swept away into another room. He was cleaned and checked quickly; then they put him on my chest for some skin to skin. The nurse kindly took a family picture and then we were wheeled into the recovery room (me still holding onto my baby boy). In the recovery room, my nurse monitored me and Julian's nurse helped him latch on to BF. Time passed quickly from there on, were are there for about two hours and then went over to our Couplet Care Room. It was sooo nice to have baby boy with us in the room; to be able to hold him, nurse him and just be with him.

My hospital stay was pleasant. The nurses and staff were all so kind and respectful. I even got a free back massage! My husband and I agreed the food was pretty tasty compared to what we had before even though I was restricted to light solids for those three days. My body was able to recover more quickly compared to my first c-section. I met with the lactation nurse who helped Julian get a better latch.

Even though his birth story wasn't long and full of ups and downs, it was a very happy and peaceful event for me. I couldn't have asked for it to have gone better! We're both healthy and that's all that matters!!